Most people have heard the term biodegradable before and they know its a good thing for the environment. In the most basic terms, something that is biodegradable is an item that will eventually break down and blend back in with the earth. And while that short answer might be good enough for some. There’s so much more to learn and talk about. What products are biodegradable? How long does the process take?

Andrew Krosofsky from posted a great article answering all these questions and more. He states that:

Biodegradable has a simple definition. It means that an item can be disintegrated into its base elements by microorganisms and the passage of time. This biological process of biodegradation breaks materials down into their various component parts and returns them to nature. Many things can be considered biodegradable, even non “organic” things like plastics. However, the process of breaking down non-organic materials or chemically-crafted materials has its own set of problems. “

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