For regular readers of our blog you remember that last month we talked about 2 girls that were trying to make a difference in the plastic straw world. They were worried that plastic toys found in kids meals were impacting the environment just as much as plastic straws.  These girls were obviously talking about places like McDonald’s and Burger King. Well it turns out that McDonald’s is back in the news and unfortunately it’s not for the right reasons.  It turns out the paper straws at McDonald’s in the UK can’t be recycled.

Now we want to start out by saying that we love McDonalds, a restaurant that often gets some unfair flack. And we appreciate that they are one of the first companies looking to be environmentally friendly and switch to paper straws.  The problem though, as we mentioned is that these paper straws might be worse than the previous plastic ones. According to CNBC:

“According to a report in U.K. newspaper The Sun: The newspaper cited an internal memo which said that the paper straws were not currently recyclable and should therefore be placed in general waste bins “until further notice.”

Ops! This obviously isn’t what they had in mind. Apparently the company is looking for a solution (might we recommend our paper straws?) as a ban on plastic straws will come into force in England in April 2020.

To learn more about this story you can visit the original source of CNBC at the link below. Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments too!