As a child, one of the best reasons to go to McDonald’s or Burger King was for the plastic toy inside.  You never knew what you were going to get and once you had the toy you’d spend hours playing with it. But after a few days that toy became just another toy. And after a few months or years that toy probably got thrown out.  As we’ve mentioned in the past, there is more than 150 million metric tons of plastic in the world’s oceans and plastic is the cause of killing over 100,000 sea mammals and over 1 million birds each year.

Though companies are starting to take big steps, two sisters, Ella and Caitlin McEwan, ages 9 and 7, started a petition to call on the fast-food giants to stop putting plastic toys in their kids’ meals.

“After we learned about the environment and pollution in school we wanted to do everything we could to help. We put a poster up in the window of our house about saving the planet and we try and recycle as much as we can. But we want to do more, which is why we started this petition. It’s not enough to make recyclable plastic toys — big, rich companies shouldn’t be making toys out of plastic at all.”

You can view the petition by clicking here:

So what do you think about this story? Are the kids toys at burger joints harmless fun? Or do we need to take all plastics serious, not just plastic straws? We will let you decide for yourselves and we’d love to hear from you in the comments section!