One of our hottest sellers this past year has been our affordable paper straws. These straws are helping to protect the environment while also help your business stay within new government guidelines.  But paper straws can be used for more than just a drinking utensil. In this article we explore some affordable, easy, and kid-friendly projects that can be used with paper straws. The best part is paper straws come in a variety of colorful colors and designs so your projects will be as creative as you are.

Wall Decorations

Spend an afternoon making homemade, waste-free decorations with eco-friendly paper straws! Kids love to decorate and with some hot glue and poster putty you can turn these paper straws into some interesting geometric shapes or letters. Paper straws are lightweight and make excellent hanging décor.

Picture Frame

Feature family and friends in a sweet homemade frame that uses paper straws. With a few straws and some glue you can create a rectangular border that will help your pictures stand out. These are where our polka dot and striped straws really come in handy.

Decorative Candles

Who needs traditional candles when you can try a decorative twist? Cut some paper straws in half and then stuff one opening with small pieces of tissue paper to imitate a candle. This method is much safer than real flames and a great way to decorate dozens of cupcakes.

Where To Get Yours

Are you ready to start making some paper straw crafts? Or perhaps you are a business owner who is looking for some straws for your business. Regardless the reason we have you covered. Check out the paper or plastic straws on our website today. We have the best prices you’ll find anywhere with Free Shipping on every order.