We don’t need to tell you how important our environment is, or how big of a problem pollution can be. Not only should we care about the earth for ourselves, we should try to protect it for future generations as well. As individuals we can do our part by recycling, choosing “green” products over others, and by helping spread the word.  As businesses, we can do our part by making an effort to change the products we offer to our customers. Straws Shop for example still offers plastic straws, but our main promotions are focused on getting customers to try our paper straws. We know that once they try them, they will realize that paper is just as good. Plus with government regulations coming across the state, we can help them avoid fines their business might face by offering plastic straws.

Luckily, other companies are also making the change from plastic to paper straws. Check out our Top 5 below and give them a virtual pat on the back for their hard work.

Starbucks: Starbucks might have been one of the first companies leading the way. By 2020 Starbucks will look to replace straws with recyclable plastic lids for all cold beverages; along with replacing plastic straws with other materials, like paper and compostable plastic.

Hilton:  Another company hoping to cut its environmental footprint. By 2030, Hilton Hotels hopes to remove plastic straws from 650 properties.  The company will also look to switch away from plastic straws and instead use paper or biodegradable straws instead.

American Airlines: Another company with plans to ditch plastic straws and reports are it will happen this month (November 2018). The company announced they plan to replace the straws with biodegradable alternatives for their planes onboard.

SeaWorld: It makes sense that this company would be on the list. SeaWorld’s mission has been to protect animals and habitats worldwide. To do so it’s their goal to eliminate plastic straws from all 12 of its theme parks. A goal that both animals and humans alike will appreciate.

Royal Caribbean: Finally we have the Royal Caribbean which has said they would eliminate plastic straws from all of their ships by 2019. They will thus, offer paper straws to their customers upon request.

As other companies begin making the switch, why not make yours next? Straws Shop as a variety of paper straws that fit your brand and business.  We look forward to working with you in the remaining months of 2018 and beyond.