It’s never a bad time to think about the environment and becoming a more eco-conscious traveler. In 2019, found in its annual Sustainable Travel Report that 73% of travelers worldwide intend to stay at least once in an eco-friendly or green accommodation in the year ahead. If you’re wondering what you can do we’ve got a few tips in mind:

Say No To Plastic Straws

The switch to paper straws is becoming more and more real. Many hotels, restaurants, and airlines have already eliminated plastic straw usage and instead are offering paper straws. If they don’t offer paper straws than we recommend refusing a straw with your next beverage while on vacation. It might sound simple but its one less straw that ends up in the oceans or in the landfill.

Reusable Water Bottles

Much like plastic straws, plastic bottles can be found all over the ground, in the water or on beaches. A reusable water bottle is a great alternative and many do a great job of keeping the temperature of your beverage either cool or hot.

Shop Local

This is always a great idea regardless of if you are on vacation or not. You can buy your food from local farmers markets or shop local artisans. Thus cutting down on shipment miles that food might have traveled at a grocery store.

Unplug Before Leaving

Before leaving on a trip make sure your house isn’t draining energy. Unplugging home appliances or computers, and adjusting your thermostat can help conserve electricity and help save on your utility bill.