One of the biggest drink trends in 2020 might not be particular ingredient or cocktail. But instead the straw used for the drink itself. Paper Straws are controversial but more importantly they are growing in popularity. The push to eliminate plastic in drinks and protect the environment is growing. We’ve already highlighted a variety of companies making the switch to paper straws, and we’ve highlighted cities placing bans on plastic straws too. But what the bartenders that are serving paper straws? After all, they are the ones up front and personal with customers. What are their thoughts on these new paper straw trends?

It turns out that bartenders are happy to be serving paper straws and approve of the trend. According to an article from Food and Wine customers are growing accustom to paper straws and when one local bar ran out of them and started using plastic, customers were asking what was going on.

“We need to start making changes and being aware of what we waste in the industry,” says Andrew Grenz, beverage manager at the Fairmont Austin hotel. And he isn’t the only one making the claim. Part of the reason for this is because paper straws are more durable and longer lasting than in the past.  The  paper straws found at Straws Shop is made of the highest quality because we know that first impressions matter and we not only want restaurants to be impressed with our straws, we want their customers to be just as happy.

But why not just ban all straws? It’s a question that some readers have asked us and it’s a fair question to ask. According to the bartenders in this article, straws are necessary for elderly folks and any guests with disabilities who might require a straw. Not to mention guests who require one for any crushed-ice cocktails that can’t be consumed without them.  In other words, straws are handy and helpful, but choosing the right ones can go a long way.

So instead of letting the Paper vs. Plastic debate detract from the guest experience, we suggest using paper straws as a do-good, feel-good point of service. An option that according to bartenders, is welcomed by customers across the country.