It’s been a year since opened its company and website to the world. Starting a new business can be both challenging and rewarding. No doubt this past year has been both. It has also been an opportunity to learn as well. We got the chance to learn what our customers are looking for how we can better help their own businesses grow.  Paper Straws are here to stay and that’s both a good thing for us and the environment. For this months featured article we’ve decided to take a look back at the past year and discuss some of the things we’ve learned.

Paper Straws Are Here To Stay

The first thing we learned is that people are excited to make the switch to paper straws. As we started this website we wanted to offer the option of both paper and plastic. We didn’t want to force our customers to choose. Instead we wanted to simply offer the best prices possible and let the market decide for itself. It appears the market has indeed spoken and our paper straws are a huge hit. People across the country have given our paper straws a chance and aren’t disappointed. We offer a high quality product at the lowest prices you’ll find online. Our Buy 2 Get 1 Free Deals can be found on many of our paper straws to make the deal even better. We are glad to see many making the switch and hope the trend continues into our second year.

Our Most Popular Straws

This one was pretty close but ultimately our top selling paper straw was the 5.75 Black Cocktail. Other straws that were popular with our customers include the Giant Wrapped 8″ White Straws and Black Jumbo 7.75 unwrapped paper straws. You can find the links to those below:

Black Cocktail Straws:

8” Giant Wrapped White Straws:

Black Jumbo 7.75 Unwrapped Black Straws:

Your Favorite Reads

When it came to our blog posts, we wanted to create content that readers could enjoy. In most cases they were educational or informative, with some fun thrown into the mix. We are glad that many of you have enjoyed these articles and we decided to list a few of your favorites. If you missed any you can find them below:

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